LEAPA Acting Workshop –Toes In, Heads Out

(led by John Brigg)

Have you ever:

  • Posed as a personality in the mirror?
  • Fooled around in fancy dress?
  • Sung to yourself in the style of your favourite singer?
  • Gushed with gratitude for a really ghastly present?
  • Helped someone who has fallen or needed assistance?

Maybe you haven’t answered yes to all, but if you admitted to the last question, you are an actor. You
reacted instinctively and truthfully to a situation, which is what acting is fundamentally about. Actors
react on stage to impulse and stimulus from around them. And the emphasis is on instinctively. If your
head gets in the way, telling you what to do, then it’s performance.

This workshop will be about recognising impulse and reacting to it. We will use simple exercises and try
out some fun techniques to become better acquainted with our instinctual and imaginative sides, and
have a ball doing so. There is a reason why actors are also called players. The emphasis throughout will
be on trying things out in a friendly and collaborative way so that no-one need feel ‘exposed’. The aim is
to boost confidence, knowing that you don’t have to perform to be an actor. Just trust yourself.

This workshop will be suitable for all ages and for anyone who is even vaguely interested in finding out
what acting is about. This will be a chance to dip your toes in. No previous experience is required.

Principally in English, but also in French and German. Other languages are welcome.

When: Saturday 13th May

Where: Foyer européen, 10 rue Heine, Luxembourg

Time: 10:30 – 13:00, 13:30-16:00 (2 x 2,5 hours)

Dress: Comfortable loose clothes, gym shoes/non-slip socks/barefoot

Lunch: Bring a packed lunch. Water and juice will be available.

Applications can be made to: