*** UPDATED 27 April 2022 ***

Dear Members and Friends,

LEAPA offers our Members (and only our Members) theatre tickets at a 20 percent (20%) discount for a selection of mainly English-language performances from the 2021/2022 Programme of the Grand Théâtre as well as other companies and producers. As a further benefit for our Members, unless otherwise stated for a particular performance, a Member may also purchase one additional theatre ticket for an Accompanied Guest at a 10 percent (10%) discount. 

Ticket requests should be made for each performance using the form below!

We can't guarantee that all ticket requests can be met given the continuing COVID measures and any related reduced capacity at the various theatres. We encourage you to make your request(s) for discounted tickets as soon as possible. Also note, all ticket reservations, including any tickets reserved for an accompanied guest, must be paid for immediately, once LEAPA confirms that your request has been successfully received.

Remember: venues may still take COVID-19 sanitary precautions. Theatre capacity might be limited and/or spectators may be asked to wear masks. Full details will be available on the venue's website at the time of the performance.

Members may still request discounted tickets for any of the specific performances listed below: 

'Book of Dust' on Thursday, 12 May 2022

Start: 19:00
Ciné Utopia
Full price: 21€/16€ (over 60) ‒ Member price: 16.80€/12.80€ ‒ Accompanied guest price: 18.90€/14.40€

‘Life & Times of Michael K’ on Friday, 20 May 2022

In English, Afrikaans & Xhosa
Start: 20h00 with Introduction in English at 19h30
Grand Théâtre/Grand Salle
Full price: 25€ ‒ Member price: 20€ ‒ Accompanied Guest price: 22.50€

'Hamlet', Met Opera Live Transmission on Saturday, 4 June 2022
Start: 18h55
Kinepolis  Kirchberg
Full price: 35€/29€ (over 60) ‒ Member price: 27.20€/23.20€ ‒ Accompanied Guest price: 30.60€/26.10€ 

'Henry V' on Thursday, 16 June 2022
Start: 19:00 
Ciné Utopia
Full price: 21€ (60+ 16€) ‒ Member price: 16.80€ (60+ 12.80€) ‒ Accompanied guest price: 18.90€ (60+ 14.40€)

'Straight Line Crazy' on Thursday, 15 September 2022
Start: 19:00
Ciné Utopia
Full price: 21€ (60+ 16€) ‒ Member price: 16.80€ (60+ 12.80€) ‒ Accompanied guest price: 18.90€ (60+ 14.40€)

If you are interested in one or more of the above performances, please book your tickets online as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

We hope to see you at the above tempting performances.

Kind regards,
Phil Duncombe
on behalf of the LEAPA Committee

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