*** UPDATED May 18, 2023 ***


Dear Members and Friends


As promised, we are delighted to announce that LEAPA is again offering our members theatre tickets at a 20 per cent discount for a selection of performances from the Spring and Summer 2023 programme at the Grand Théâtre of Luxembourg. We are also offering cinema tickets at a 20 per cent discount for a selection of operas from the 2023 screenings of the Met opera live programme at Kinepolis in Kirchberg. As a further benefit for our members, unless otherwise stated for a particular performance, each member may also purchase a ticket for an accompanied guest at a 10 per cent discount.


We cannot guarantee that all ticket request can be met and we therefore advise that you make your request/s for tickets through the LEAPA website as early as possible. The final date for ticket requests is shown below. All ticket requests must be paid for as soon as LEAPA confirm that the request has been successful.


Members may request discounted tickets for any of the following performances. Full details of each performance are available through the links below:



1. The Magic Flute - Met Opera Live. Saturday, 3 June at 18h55.

Kinopolis, Kirchberg. An adaption to match the spectacle and drama of Mozart’s fable.

In German with English S/T.

Full price (60+): 29.50€; Member Price: 23.60€; Accompanied Guest Price: 26.55€.

Full price (<60): 34.50€; Member Price: 27.10€; Accompanied Guest Price: 31.05€.

The final date for ticket requests is 26 May, 2023.


I hope that you will enjoy this varied selection of performances. See you there!


Phil Duncombe


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