LEAPA Writing Competition 2022 (100-word fiction)

Because a number of the submitted works were written as poems, it was felt that these should be separated in order to avoid having to compare two very different forms of writing. As a result, there are two winners and three runners-up. Titles in all categories are in alphabetical order.



Round-about now by Wendy Winn Delightful and complete story, well told using fitting and visual language. Humorous, yet not without emotional appeal


Truth by Janine Horsburgh Depth of meaning and apt use of metaphor more associated with poetry. Thought provoking and free of pathos

The Virus (part 3) by Dubravka Susilovic Telling details bringing into focus the terrible powerlessness of loss

Short List:

Amber Flame (6) by Sultana Raza Stark picture of obstinate obsession

Bear Hug by Neil Hatfield Story that lifts the reader out of the realms of the ordinary

Foreboding by Artur Furtado Dark sequence of images exposing a personal horror

Hope by Janine Horsburgh Revealing description of a man caught by his infidelity

Postcard from an Algerian Jail by Neil Hatfield Refreshingly upbeat response to personal failure

Saboteur by Wendy Winn Perceptive portrait of an older and lonely woman



Le Puy by Janine Horsburgh Multi-layered depiction of the human need for meaning


The Breakfast Journey by Artur Furtado Delightfully refreshing look at a weekly ritual

Short List:

The Covenant by Janine Horsburgh Pared down yet vivid description of an impotent god