Posted on Sep 13 2016

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LEAPA invites you to write. A play in English, that is. It can be of any performance length from ten minutes to an hour and a half, and either for stage production or, like Dylan Thomas’s Under Milk Wood, a play for voices to be performed without staging.

We would like this competition and the selection of plays to be as objective as possible, so submission will be anonymous — see below.

Once a play is selected, first by a LEAPA team and afterwards possibly at a LEAPA playreading, the author will be identified, contacted, and awarded a small prize. The aim is to find three final prizewinners, but there may be more if enough good entries are received.

In 2018 New World Theatre Club will put on a third festival of short plays, particularly (but not exclusively) on  the theme of WW1: minimum 10 minutes, maximum 15 minutes in performance. Any plays fitting those criteria and submitted for this LEAPA competition will also be considered by NWTC for inclusion in the festival. If you have a play that was submitted for, but not used in, a previous ten-minute play festival, please submit it again.

But we are looking for longer plays as well. The emphasis will be on local writers. LEAPA will try to ensure that plays placed on the shortlist are either staged or read in public by a Luxembourg theatre group. They need not be completely new — existing plays not yet staged will also be welcome, so long as they come from a local source or one with local connections.
Please send play scripts ON PAPER to LEAPA at the address below by 31 March 2017, enclosing a sealed envelope containing your full contact details — name and address, telephone number and email address — and with the title of the play and its approximate performance length marked on the outside of the envelope. Please do not identify the author on the script itself. The inner envelope will be opened only after the play has been received, read and put to the vote. Address for submission: LEAPA, 4 rue NS Pierret, L-2335 Luxembourg

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LEAPA (Luxembourg European Association of Performing Arts) is a section of the EU Institutions’ Cultural Circle in Luxembourg

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