LEAPA's Short Story Competition 2020: 



Message from the Jury 

Our thanks firstly go to all those who contributed to the competition. Having expected about 25 to 30 entries, we envisaged a short evaluation period, only to have our plans disrupted when 61 entries plopped through Barbara Hall’s letter slot. We began reading, with, in the back of our minds, the list of desirable short story criteria we had compiled. 

As can be expected with such a broad competition brief, the style, content and imaginative impact of the stories varied greatly, making judging a difficult task. We slowly narrowed down the choices to a short list of about a dozen and then met one last time to decide on the winners. We found it impossible to list the top choices in any order, so opted for 2 winners and 4 coups de cœur, stories of merit that we particularly liked. 

The WINNERS are:  

The Culture Correspondent, Robert Schofield of Walferdange (click here for story) 

Quoi? L'éternité, David Andrew Mcilroy of Trier (click here for story)

and our Coups de Cœur are:

And It Came to Pass, Andrea Murphy of Gostingen (click here for story)

Magic Mouse, Andrea Murphy of Gostingen (click here for story)

The Cradle, Celeste Koehler of Kayl (now Bridgton, Maine, USA) (click here for story)

The Seagulls, Robert Schofield of Walferdange (click here for story)

An Award Ceremony was held in a [COVID19-induced] intimate garden setting with 3 of the winners present and the fourth on video-link. We enjoyed the possibility to talk with the authors and discuss their works with them (click here for a few pictures).

We hope to be able to do this with as many authors as possible when LEAPA holds a public gathering – hopefully later on in the year, or at least at such time as when King Covid the 19th loosens his despotic reins – in order to celebrate the submitted works, read some extracts, and give authors a chance for feedback. 

If any of the authors would prefer not to wait so long, they are invited to contact LEAPA and request (perforce abridged) written feedback. We shall try our best to comply. 

Then, thanks also to the LEAPA Committee and valued LEAPA Member, Barbara Hall, for organising the competition and allowing us the privilege of evaluating the entries.